Adnams Faces Broadside from Ipswich Fans

Suffolk brewer Adnams has praised the Budgies on Twitter. You would think that the most fleeting Explorer to East Anglia would know better but it appears that as they are  based in Southwold where hardly any local people live and second home owners are as numerous as the Shingle Shells along the Blackshore, they know Jack about local sensitivities and therefore ended up getting into a Triple Knot facing a Broadside on Twitter from Town fans and as a blogger looking for a target, I thought Tally ho.

According to the Morning Ipswich Star here,

a campaign to provoke interest in Ghost Ship beer with a character called “Ghostie” that was travelling around Norwich on Saturday.

That said: Did you work out the final #FindGhostie clue? The answer is the Carrow Road Stadium – home to the mighty @NorwichCityFC Find Ghostie and the@AdnamsNR1 team there between 2pm and 2.30pm today to pick up some free Adnams goodies.

They called the Budgies mighty. Considering  Norwich are planning a Great Get together on the anniversary of losing to Inter at home and Norwich has no stars above their badge, Inter has a Sole Star and the mighty Ipswich has three, Ipswich Town’s superiority shines like a Lighthouse.

Ipswich fans ire has started to Ease up after a Mosiac of apologies from the brewer.



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