Staylinist Rally in Woodbridge Pub

A group of Lib Dems Staylinist campaigners, meet at a pub in Woodbridge, twice a month.

The group believe that democracy can be usurped and meet in the Cherry Tree twice a month to plot against the will of the people taking place, and plan events to spread their execrable opinions.

You can watch the Brexit Bashing Corporation’s video of them in all their whimsical glory here.

One of them said,

I wanted to be with like minded people so I could feel better about the whole thing

Naturally this is because Lib Dem types like nothing better than an echo chamber. These are the kind of people who love diversity while having nothing to do with anyone who isn’t white, middle class and has the same dozy opinions.

Another one said,

The debate hasn’t gone away and we haven’t gone away, so primarily it’s to come together to give each other support.

Look mate, the debate is over. You lost!

Suffolk Coastal: 41,966 Leave. 37,218 Remain. 47% Remain. 53% Leave!

David Campbell Bannerman says,

Give it a break, come on.  Let’s all work together, get a great trade deal and enjoy the benefits of that.

Absolutely right David. But we must remember that Lib Dem types like echo chambers. This is why during the referendum campaign in Ipswich the Saint Margaret’s ward residents association Ipswich Lib Dems refused to work with Ipswich Labour and Conservatives In.

I am pleased to say that this group is not representative of Woodbridge as a whole. If you went in some other pubs in Woodbridge people have far more sensible opinions.

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