The Most Hated MP Amongst Conservative Party Members.

The most hated MP amongst Conservative members is upset again today much to our delight. The most odious of politician’s due to their obsessive love of the EU, is upset about the return of blue passports. I am of course, talking about that most odious of Lib Dem’s, Anna Soubry.

Anna Soubry is a typical Lib Dem in how she is campaigning so dirtily and as a typical Lib Dem, she is a filthy liar. During the General Election, she told her constituents that if she was re-elected by them, she would support Brexit.  That seriously puts Jeremy Corbyn’s tuition fees and student debt  lie in the shade. Couple the lie she said about supporting Brexit with the lie she often uses about being a Conservative, she really is a duplicitous, disingenuous specimen. Just like so many Lib Dems.

She has campaigned hard to stop Brexit, voting with 11 Tory rebels and her fellow Lib Dem’s against what is in the interests of our country.

The fact that she is upset about blue passports says it all. We are leaving the EU but being the regressive Lib Dem she is, she is living in the past and is most upset about change occurring in her lifetime.



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