Book Review: How to Stop Brexit by Nick Clegg

I’ve just finished reading Nick Clegg’s book, How to Usurp Democracy Stop Brexit. After the first couple of paragraphs, the one thing that is noticeable is how appallingly written the book is. I’ve read some appallingly written squit in my time but this book is something else. I couldn’t wait to get to the end of it. It was clearly cobbled together hurriedly for the Christmas sales.

The first chapter is called ‘There is a Silver lining to Brexit’ After reading the chapter, I think he called it that because it’s the one line in the chapter that doesn’t entirely sound sanctimoniously vacuous. Nick Clegg after waffling about British History, claims that Brexit has a silver lining because it has lead to the EU reforming itself. What reform is he referring to? He talks open door immigration as if it doesn’t stagnate wages or have any impact on public services. He argues that the solution is reform which basically amounts to ‘More Europe.’ He claims that the leave campaign was based on a return of a glorious imperial past. No Nick, we do not glory in our imperial past and we never gloried in it at the time. We are Britons not Romans. As a campaigner for Leave, I do not recall such un-British sentiment coming from anyone.

The next chapter is called ‘Why it is Right to Stop Brexit’ In a bizarre Orwellian way he makes the argument that it is democratic to usurp democracy. He claims that Project Fear is Project Reality and claims that the whole country is going down the pan and blames Brexit for everything apart from the odd train being delayed because of snow.

First of all he goes into the devaluation of the pound and blames Brexit because the pound being artificially high previously and the banks dumping shed loads of sterling which they had obtained through QE onto the market before the referendum result was even known, doesn’t fit in with the Staylinist narrative.

He claims the price of wine has rocketed but Aussie wine is the same price and French wine is overrated anyway. He claims the whole economy is falling apart. What planet is he on?

He then blames the ‘rich elite’ for Brexit. He names some wealthy people who donated to the Leave campaign. But naturally doesn’t mention anything about Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup and Morgan Stanley bankrolling the Remain campaign. Also, clearly the likes of him and Michael Hesseltine making shed loads of money from the EU while once prosperous people in Greece make sheds to live in, doesn’t suit his Staylinist narrative either.

He also talks about foreign leaders visiting EU countries for trade talks and not coming here. But as we are not allowed to discuss trade with anybody while being in the EU, that’s not surprising is it? Why won’t they allow us? Because they want to make it difficult for us!

The next chapter is called ‘How to Stop Brexit’ It starts with the same kind of vacuous bullshit as the previous chapters. Then it starts getting interesting. He attacks Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May and then tells his Staylinist readers his plan to usurp democracy stop Brexit. It is a disingenuous, campaign with Lib Dem proportions of dirtiness. He tells his Staylinist readers to infiltrate the Labour and Conservative parties to change party policy.

He tells them to join the Labour party, visit their Labour MP once a month, table motions at party conference and write to Jeremy Corbyn and then if need be, walk away. Alas, poor Labour. First they were infiltrated by Corbyn’s henchtrots of Momentum and now Nick Clegg is calling for them to be infiltrated by a bunch of democracy hating Europhiles. It has a template of a letter to be sent to Jeremy Corbyn by Staylinist infiltrators at the back of the book.

He then tells them that if they can’t stand Labour to infiltrate the Conservative Party instead. He tells them to join the Conservative Party, challenge Brexit MP’s in Remain seats, vote in the leadership contest for a Remainiac, go to the Conservative Party conference to speak Staylinist rubbish at fringe meeting and write to Theresa May. It has a template of a letter to be sent to Theresa May by Staylinist infiltrators at the back of the book.

He tells Staylinist infiltrators within the Conservative Party to get special General meetings held by their associations so that they can spout their rubbish at them. Of course, as Conservative Party members like myself are aware of his plan to infiltrate our party, we are clearly going to see the infiltrators coming. Maybe he thought that none of us would read his book. We only read the Daily Mail after all.

He then talks about setting up campaign groups like the one I reported on here.

His next suggestion had me in hysterics. He tells his Staylinist readers to get involved with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. His logic is that as the RSPB has more members than all political parties combined it has more weight behind it to help usurp democracy stop Brexit. But I can understand why Nick Clegg likes the RSPB. As the Liberal Democrats are not Liberal or Democrat, the RSPB does not protect birds. It builds wind turbines on its land and wind turbines kill birds. Raptors are particularly susceptible to wind turbines. This is because the RSPB has already been infiltrated by people who make money out of green technology. Nick also tells them to get involved with the National Trust. He also tells his readers to pressurise trade unions and take to the streets for one big national hissy fit on June 23rd 2018.

The last chapter is called ‘Making Britain Great Again’ It’s basically calling for more Europe and after that more Europe and he talks about European Union Reform.

Sick health, misshapen perfection, cold fire, EU reform.

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3 Responses to Book Review: How to Stop Brexit by Nick Clegg

  1. Jim P says:

    And this bloke has been given an honour in the new year’s honours! I have no idea why; if this was 400 years ago, he would have been sent to the Tower for distributing such anti-democratic tripe !

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  3. Lou says:

    out now in a bookshop near you (bottom shelf, reduced twice and still won’t shift).

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