Political Campaigning in Suffolk

Intelligence sources inform us that the Green Party are targeting Bridge Ward in next May’s Ipswich Borough elections. Intelligence sources also inform us that the Suffolk Green Party are holding a meeting at Woodbridge Library tomorrow (Monday).

As always the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Ipswich Lib Dems are not doing anything outside Saint Margaret’s.

According to Ipswich Labour’s Twitter Account, they were delivering junk mail in Holywells yesterday. But a few of us Conservatives were also in Holywells and we never saw any of them. The junk mail is claiming that the Orwell Crossing is bad for Holywells. Ipswich Labour really believe it’s bad because it involves investment in Ipswich. Why didn’t we see any of them? Intelligence sources inform us that they are a bit worried about next May and activists are in a short supply so that they are having to resort to campaigning on Sundays as well as Saturdays now.

UKIP are now a nonentity.

The Conservatives are campaigning hard across Suffolk.

We understand that Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has decided that he is happy living in Ipswich. We also understand that the King of Gipping is assembling his army.


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2 Responses to Political Campaigning in Suffolk

  1. Jim T says:

    When are you likely to have the first batch of leaflets ready Kevin?

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