Around the Suffolk Political Bloggesphere

Most local blogs seemed to have stopped last year with a couple of Bloggers appearing to have made a New Years Resolution not to Blog anymore. In fact the Suffolk Labour Group Blog domain name expired for a while. Somehow they were able to get it back. But as they haven’t posted anything since November, what was the point in paying for domain name? For some reason, I couldn’t buy it myself.

One blog that has continued is Tendance Coatesy. with it’s surreal, socialist ramblings. You can read some here

Also continuing is Caroline’s WOODBRIDGE Page and I must say it is very informative. The only things I don’t like about it is that she is a Lib Dem and in a lot of ways her blog is more informative than mine. You can read her latest instalment here

There is also Colin Noble’s excellent blog that is continuing. You can read his latest post here

It’s not so much fun being a blogger as it used to be. There’s not lots of bloggers blogging disingenuous squit to debunk anymore. Still, at least I continue to give Ipswich Labour enjoyment.

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