Labour in trouble

Hulton (Bolton) result:

CON: 49.4% (+16.7)
LAB: 40.1% (+3.0)
UKIP: 6.5% (-18.0)
LDEM: 2.3% (-0.2)
GRN: 1.8% (-1.5)

So  a safe Labour Ward in Labour’s heartlands has gone to the Conservatives. Labour’s excuse?

“Our voters didn’t go to vote because it was raining.”

Wouldn’t go out to vote because of the rain?

As they say up North,

Don’t be so bloody soft!

What happened in Bolton is going to happen all over the country in May. At local level across the country a lot of Labour members know it, hence in Ipswich, Labour have resorted to campaigning on Sundays. But it won’t change a thing them campaigning on Sundays. At last, Ipswich, shall be rid of this lousy Labour council because the Conservative Party is the party of the working class and in Ipswich there isn’t enough middle class, public sector workers here to save Labour from destruction.

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