Labour the Party of Racist, Fascist Bigots

We had the vile racist Emma Dent Coad call the Conservative candidate for Kensington a ‘Ghetto Boy’ This is the kind of view the modern Labour party has of black people. When Theresa May appointed James Cleverly to the cabinet, Labour people started going on about him being black. I personally didn’t notice that he was black  because somebody’s colour isn’t something I look for. But lots of people in the Labour Party do because they are racists. The Labour Party believe in segregation. Why else would they suggest that white people pay more to get into their racist, bigoted, anti Semitic conferences? All this demonstrates that those at the top of the Labour Party have a low opinion of black people.

Then there is the anti-Semitism within the Labour Party headed by Jeremy Corbyn who calls terrorist organisations who believe Jews are evil, his friends.

Then there is the outright Fascist Bigotry of John McDonnel who calls for people to be lynched.

This is the nicer, kinder politics of today’s Labour Party.

Labour is the Party of Racist, Fascist Bigots.

Why so many decent people decide to stay in it is a mystery.

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2 Responses to Labour the Party of Racist, Fascist Bigots

  1. SlinkySam says:

    You Tory scum want to lynch foxes, the disabled, the poor and anybody who isn’t rich.

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