The Slow Death of UKIP

Here is a quote from a prominent member of UKIP.

What type of person is Henry Bolton, name me one good thing he has done since becoming leader. All he has done is turn UKIP into a political version of Jeremy Kyle and makes it very embarrassing to be part of.

I thought that UKIP were a political version of Jeremy Kyle under Farage and have always thought that they are. Now UKIP have passed a vote of no confidence in their leader.

Who will be UKIP’s next leader? It can’t be Nigel Farage since he has called for a second referendum because he wants to keep his EU pension and MEP’s salary while saying how bad it is and has shown the world the fraud he is and has always been.

So who will UKIP’s next leader be? More to the point, who cares?

The only thing sensible members of UKIP can do is support the only true party of Brexit and Join the Conservative Party


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