Ipswich Labour offer the poor a packet of crisps a week

Due to the low amount properties of council tax Band C and above in Ipswich, the council tax burden for all Ipswich residents is extortionately high. This leads to Ipswich people having less expendable income and therefore has a knock on effect on the Ipswich economy. Therefore more Band C and above properties as part of a mixed tenure need to be built to lower the overall Council Tax burden. But Ipswich Labour have other ideas.

Last night we heard how Ipswich Labour are dealing with Ipswich people’s extortionate council tax burden by giving ‘the poorest’ what amounts to a packet of crisps a week through the revised council tax reduction scheme. Concerning this, Councillor Martin Cook was asked a question by Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger. It was,

What is the point of raising council tax if you then subsidise some of the community with an increased discount and so gain nothing?

Councillor Cook proceeded by informing us that I had an incorrect premise. Apparently IBC are going to recieve an extra £130,000. and lower income households will save £43.00 a year. That’s approximately 84p a week. The equivalent of a packet of crisps.

My supplementary question was,

Why don’t you encourage the development of more Band C and above properties as part of a mixed tenure to bring down the council tax burden for everyone rather than unfairly bribing part of the electorate? Are you for the few and not the many?

Councillor Cook responded by saying that he didn’t understand the question.(Oh I think everybody did!) So I had to reiterate. Councillor Cook then said that it wasn’t for a select few but helped 1200 households. So the equivalent to the population of Tuddenham Saint Martin then! But interestingly, later in the meeting when the Item was on the agenda, Councillor Meudec informed us that it was 7500 poorest households. The equivalent of the population of Melton then! 1200 or 7500? What is the actual figure? Does anybody know?

Conservative Group leader Councillor Fisher said that the scheme made no significant changes to the payers or the council and Labour were not being for the many not the few.

Lib Dem Councillor, Inga Lockington said that £43 was a lot of money. Over a year it isn’t, as I have explained.

Politburo General, Secretary David Ellesmere. said that it amounts to council tax payers giving 2P a week to help the poorest. he then proceeded to tell us that neighbouring Conservative councils were doing it as if Conservatives should act like socialists do and follow each other like sheep. Neighbouring Conservative councils aren’t encouraging the building of enough Council Tax Band A and B housing so locals can’t afford to live there. Does Ellesmere think that Ipswich Conservatives should have the same policy? Of course not. Ipswich Conservatives want to encourage the building of a mixed tenure including properties of Band C and above to bring the overall council tax burden down unlike Ipswich Labour who want to just have bands A and B to keep Ipswich council tax extortionate.

Councillor Meudec agreed with Ellesmere and proceeded to give a virtue signalling sob story.

During the debate of another agenda item, Lib Dem, Councillor Lockington said that more Band H should be built. Is there a Band H? Anyway when even the fairies in the brain Lib Dems can see the need for more Band C and above, it’s obvious that Ipswich Labour are clueless.

Ipswich Council Tax is so high, neighbouring authorities could raise theirs by 100% and still be lower than Ipswich. Such an absurd disparity needs to be dealt with. But Ipswich Labour have this token gesture that solves nothing.

Some may be getting a bigger discount but the fact is that the majority are paying more Council Tax and therefore have less expendable income leading to slower economic growth in Ipswich leading to less opportunities for people to get out of poverty.

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