For Candidates Ipswich Labour are scraping the barrel

Labour’s straw candidate in Holywells shows that for candidates, Ipswich Labour are now scraping the barrel. First he said that Ipswich Conservatives are a pathetic excuse for councillors. I think he is a pathetic excuse for a candidate, but never mind. he then proceeded with lots of patronising tweets to the Ipswich Conservatives

Then he said this

We don’t help the homeless? What’s this about then? I have also since spoken to Councillor Macdonald on the matter. We Conservative fight injustice rather than going on about how awful it is like Labour do.

He then accused Ipswich Conservatives of Racism.

Ipswich Conservatives responded with

Then retweeted Shelly Darwin who said that the  Conservative comment was inflammatory. I would call calling people a [pathetic excuse for councillors inflammatory but hypocrisy is Ipswich Labour’s forte. Basically he turned up the heat and got burnt.

Holywells deserves a hard-working councillor like Conservative candidate, Heather Mills instead of the patronising, self righteous, obnoxious character Ipswich Labour have put up.

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