Ipswich Isn’t Being Marketed Properly

At last weeks full council meeting a question was asked by Conservative Councillor for Stoke Park, Nadia Cenci to Bridge ward councillor for Labour, Bryony Rudkin. Councillor Cenci asked Bryony if she was pleased with Country Life Magazine featuring Ipswich as a holiday destination. The Politburo holder for culture and leisure answered “Yes.” As her supplementary question Nadia asked why it was that the Morning Ipswich Star had a quote from somebody to do with tourism from the Cradle of the Law rather than somebody from The County Town of Suffolk. Bryony proceeded to say that it was up to the Morning Ipswich Star who they contacted. She then said “I’m sure everybody knows Mr Stoke.” To which a number of us in the gallery looked at each other and asked “Who?” I have since googled “Ipswich Mr Stoke Tourism” and got this. Hence, I am still none the wiser. Of course the real reason they got a quote from the Banks of the Lark rather than the Banks of the Orwell is that, under this useless Labour administration, Ipswich isn’t being marketed properly. This fact became more apparent later on in the meeting.

Item 9 was the Economic Development Strategy. Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere proceeded by saying that he was pleased that Ipswich town centre has maintained its purple flag. Conservative Group Leader and Councillor for Castle Hill, Ian Fisher said that Ipswich has bucked the national trend by having rising unemployment rather than lowering unemployment and said that second best is not good enough for the County Town of Suffolk. After this Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Lib Dem, Inga Lockington started rambling and exclaimed that the economic strategy doesn’t mention Brexit. She then rambled on a bit more and most of what she said made no sense. After this Conservative Councillor for Stoke Park, Nadia Cenci brilliantly explained why our great town is not being marketed properly. She rightfully stated that Brexit is good and then said that perception about Ipswich is very varied. If the brand isn’t right, then nobody is going to buy it. She said that we should be targeting more money and that Ipswich is historical and beautiful. Quite right!

Britain’s longest continuously inhabited town, fourth oldest port in the country, fantastic architecture including the Willis building, Christchurch mansion, the Old Customs House and many fine buildings in the town centre, with some of the most beautiful parks in the country and lots of them, home of a famous football team and a famous speedway team, birthplace of Thomas Wolsey and Thomas Eldred, home of Charles Scott Sherrington, Given county borough status by King John, visited by Queen Elizabeth I, County Town of Suffolk.

The ‘East Anglia’s Waterfront Town’ marketing tag is not good enough!

The fact that Suffolk brewer, Adnams has two shops in Mustard City and hasn’t any here in the County Town of Suffolk should tell anyone that there is something seriously wrong with this lousy Labour council’s economic strategy. As Conservative group leader, Ian Fisher said during the meeting “What Ipswich needs is the Conservatives in control of the council.”

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