Suffolk EU Alliance ‘s Strange Leaflet

The democracy hating, chattering class, spoilt brats that are the Suffolk EU Alliance have produced a rather strange leaflet. A copy of which has been obtained by the Favourite Blogging Brexiteer of a number of them. It claims that people have been mis-sold Brexit and should put in a claim to remain and that they maybe entitled to a second referendum. We’ve had a second referendum on this matter already. The first one was in 1975. Want a third one? Well you’ll just have to wait forty years like we did! The stupid leaflet says that people should make a claim by contacting their MP. The leaflet says that noting that was promised is coming to fruition. Sorry Staylinists, but it is!

The group is primarily made up of that section of the middle class with fairies in their brains. On Tuesday evening they are having a general meeting at Seckford Golf Club, the kind of place the average leave voter can’t afford to go. Of course they have to keep away from people with different opinions because they just love diversity. On Febuary the 13, also at Seckford Golf Club, because it’s close to Valentines Day they are having a ‘Love EU’ event wearing badges, EU T shirts and other EU garbage. Oh me oh my!

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