Ipswich Labour’s Strange Candidate Choices

We have been informed that there is much anguish and discord amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour over Jon Lansman’s successful Momentum takeover of the national Labour Party. Intelligence sources tell us that there has been a combination of de-selections and good potential candidates thinking bugger it due to Corbyn, Macdonall and their fascist henchtrot brown shirts. This has lead to a smorgasbord of odd choice candidates. For example, Ruman Muhith. He is now claiming on Twitter that residents of Holywells are saying that the Tories have been horrible to him on Twitter. Of course being Labour, lies come easy for him. He also has a blog which doesn’t tell us much and is more surreal than Comrade Coates blog here.

Also, we have been informed that out of fear of the King of Gipping, Ipswich Labour have deselected Jeanette Macartney for somebody who lives round the corner of Ipswich Labour’s favourite resident of Gipping Ward. The candidate who would have had a better chance of beating me in May is Jeanette Macartney. So thank you Ipswich Labour. I look forward to the fight. Bring it on!

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