The Prophesy

It shall come to pass that the Babylonians will say that the sons and daughters of Albion haven’t made up their minds about staying in exile and the children of Albion will keep saying “We are leaving around the ides of March in five seasons.” That time shall arrive and the Babylonians will say “the clock is still ticking.” Albion shall say “No agreement has been made so there can be none.”

Albion shall stop paying tribute to Babylon and start charging tribute in accordance with the rules of the nations. The rulers of Babylon shall say it is the fault of Albion. And their merchants and farmers will say “No, it is the fault of the Babylonians, they are not serving us well, they failed us and are bringing slavery and poverty on us.”

After this the rulers of Babylon shall bring about a seven year tribulation and the merchants and farmers shall say “We want them plucked of power and ill gained wealth while others starve.” They will riot in the streets of of that city built on an island in the river in the marsh, that is Babylon. The rulers of Babylon shall call them rebels and other bad names and call for them to be arrested by their new Babylonian defence force. But the soldiers will go back to the various provinces of Babylon and not come out.

Then the Babylonians will make an arrangement with Albion and the people shall cry “Peace! Peace!” and all will be well until the sons and daughters of Erin, Hellas, il Bellissimo Paese and Svea Rike look to Albion for neither will they want to pay tribute to Babylon. The Eastern provinces shall come out of exile and form their own group leaving Gaul, Prussia, Batavia, Flanders and Lussemburgo as the remnant of Babylon. Then the people will say “There is no need for Babylon for Shiloh has come.

Unione Europa delenda est.

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