Ipswich Borough Council Budget Debate

Last week was the Ipswich Borough Council Budget meeting. It started with Ipswich Politburo General Secretary, David Ellesmere giving a party political broadcast. He started by going on about supposed government cuts and claimed that our lousy Labour council is protecting public services, increasing jobs and building council houses. What jobs he was talking about is a mystery to all and seven council houses isn’t exactly a lot. He then started talking about cuts to the police causing the drug and gang problem we have. The drug and gang problem isn’t due to police cuts but due to drug gangs coming up from London and also due to people from London being rehoused here and keeping their drug and gang contacts in London. Couple that with the fact that those who choose how much funding a police force gets in Whitehall think there’s nothing in Suffolk but fields and quint little cottages, you can understand the problem. He claimed that food banks are because of government cuts. There are a lot of reasons people use food banks a and many of them are not because of any government policy.

After this Councillor John Cook said that there has been cuts to PCSO’s and didn’t mention that there has been an increase in proper coppers. He then said that Ipswich’s crime rate is worse than Gateshead. Naturally he didn’t mention that it is still a lot lower than Peterborough and his beloved Mustard City.

The Labour lot also made a bobble about IBC being the only council in Suffolk not to charge for brown bins. In rural areas they don’t use brown bins. They either compost their rubbish or burn it.

One Labour councillor said that they were protecting front line services for the most vulnerable. What are the front line services for the most vulnerable Ipswich Borough Council deals with? Emptying wheelie bins and clearing up dog shit.

Conservative group leader Ian Fisher pointed out the fact that Ipswich is not a rural authority and that Ipswich Labour have put up council tax for a sixth time in a row.

Conservative councillor, Eddy Philips questioned why the borough council was giving money to the CAB and Greenways when both of them have reserves.

Conservative councillor George Dedman said that the increase in bus fares by Ipswich Buses is getting people into cars.

After the debate a strange phenomenon occurred. Some Labour councillors who have said nothing in the chamber since they were elected and some Labour councillors who have said nothing for a year said something. They all said “For” Because budgets require a recorded vote, Ipswich Labour’s lobby fodder were permited to speak by the Politburo that controls them.

The Conservatives all voted “Against” and the Lib Dems abstained.

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