The Economic Imperialism of the EU

The EU want to keep Northern Ireland in the customs union because the Northern Irish economy is considerably bigger than Scotland’s. They are attempting an act of economic imperialism. Has anyone asked where the Isle of Man (not a member of the EU) fits in with their hair brain Polish-Corridoresque crazy idea? We voted to leave the EU as the UK and all the UK shall leave.

What the EU are suggesting would hurt the Northern Ireland economy and therefore hurt the Irish economy. Of course the imperialists in Brussels forget that such an arrangement, due to the Irish constitution would have to go to a referendum in the Republic of Ireland and the people will say “No” of course after this they will insist that the Republic of Ireland has another referendum and then another until they vote the right way. The EU has a history of bullying the Republic of Ireland and now they’re trying to bully the Republic of Ireland to punish us for leaving.

The EU are suggesting what is good for them and detriment to the people of the UK and Ireland. But being Stockholmites, Remainiacs, Remoaners and some Staylinists can’t see it due to a love for their oppressors. The solution is quite simple. The Republic of Ireland follows us out of the EU and then the EU won’t be able to continually bully them. The EU likes picking on the smaller countries and we have always been openly saying how much it stinks.

Also such an arrangement would mean that Northern Ireland would have to pay the EU lots of money so in reality the UK would still be giving lots of money to the EU. The EU follows an ideology of economic imperialism.


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