Staylinist Rally in Ipswich

The Staylinists of the Suffolk EU Alliance marched along the Ipswich Waterfront today and to make thier numbers in Suffolk look better, they had back up from fellow Staylinists from Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Because the Staylinists are following the well established military tactic of weaker armies gathering all their troops in one place. But by following the practice only mustered a gathering of around 200 from the six counties.

A dreary band churned out a version of a Phil Collins song but it was, ‘Theresa she knows me’. It was so pedestrian the Staylinists should have been embarrassed. Young millenials were just walking past and completely ignoring it all, despite the dirge playing.

Suffolk EU Alliance chair, Jules Ewart said,

“Consider our amazing pig and poultry farming industry. Our farmers uphold the highest animal welfare standards and, as a result, the products they put on our plates are second to none. All this has been achieved while we’ve been within the EU.

Disingenuously, factually inaccurate!

The fact is, turkeys are hatched in the UK and are then flown to Eastern Europe where the highest animal welfare standards are not upheld. After being reared where the highest animal welfare standards are not upheld, they are then flown back here to be killed and sold as ‘British Turkey’ On Britain leaving the EU, this practice will stop and then ‘British Turkey’ will spend their lives here where the highest animal welfare standards are upheld. The end of the practice would also hinder the spread of Avian Flu.

People were able to speak with Tim Evans of the alternative red bus tour that provided so much comedy.

The people voted to leave and we’re leaving. Viva Democracy!

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2 Responses to Staylinist Rally in Ipswich

  1. Simon Doling says:

    There was over a thousand in attendance. Many of whom from Suffolk and Ipswich. Our Ipswich Pro-EU campaign, run by locals, have big plans in the coming weeks…

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