Corbynista’s call for Tory minister to be kicked out of the Labour Party

Here on his Face Book page concerning the rally against Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, Sajid Javid said

Standing with my Labour colleagues & friends tonight.
It’s time to end anti-semitism within the Labour Party.
Starting with its Leader. Enough is Enough.


Underneath his Facebook Post are many delicious comments.

Like this,

Cross the floor.

and this

Deselect this prick

and this

Red Tories not welcome. #JC4PM

There’s also this succulent meme,

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

It’s obvious to anyone in the know that Sajid Javid is in fact a Tory. As somebody to encourage the Corbynistas into continuing to make prat’s of them selves said

He even came to a Conservative evening in Chips to do a talk

There’s also this comments

He is so bloody crafty a Labour moderate that he is also in the Tory cabinet. bloody muppets on here defending Corbyn get basic facts like that wrong so doubt your opinion on Corbyn is well reasoned and factual

Pure comedy gold. Toda raba Sajid.

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