God’s Revenge

Altar to nemesis,
Revenge’s crude throne.
Decorated with wires,
Guilty throwing Stones.

Rough him up a bit,
Strap him in.
A Crown of electrodes,
To pay for his sin.

Altars to nemesis,
Altars of Revenge,
From the chair,
To the henge.

2000 years ago,
With Thorns crowned him,
“Prophesy, who hit you?”
Sacrifice for sin.

Not sure if he killed,
But sure he is black,
Sure that he is wrong,
So let him take the flack.

Don’t know if he did it,
But someone has to pay.
A flick of a switch,
Is a neat way.

Altars to Nemesis,
Altars of Revenge.
2000 years ago.
God took his Revenge.

Crown of thorns or crown of electrodes,
Wrist clamps or nailed wrists.
Two thousand years ago came the words,
“It is finished.”

The last legitimate sacrifice,
Has been accomplished.
No more human sacrifice,
It is finished.

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