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Since taking over the administration in Ipswich, Labour without fail has put up council tax.


every year without fail. Neighbouring authorities can put up council tax by 100% and still be lower than Ipswich. Labour are always extremely keen to put up council tax because it means that local people have less expendable income and so the local economy slows down. Labour also cut public services and relish in doing so. For instance, in Ipswich, Labour relished in cutting the borough crèche provision. They justified this with a lot of whataboutery. They claimed that the Conservatives cut children’s services. The fact is that one Sure Start Centre costs £125,000 a year. This means the two in Ipswich cost £250,000 per year. Six closed across Suffolk making a saving of £750000, that is three quarters of a million pounds. Yet Ipswich Labour talked as if £60,000 was a huge amount of money. Furthermore Labour never came out with a solution for the saving, yet concerning the Borough Crèche services, Ipswich Conservatives did. But Ipswich Labour callously, for purely ideological reasons insisted on closing the crèches. The fact is that this year under Labour is the same. As Labour cruelly cut the much cherished crèche services, this year they are discussing cutting certain bus services. The Number 14 may face the chop due to cuts made by Ipswich Buses under the chairmanship of former Labour MP and Transport Minister Chris Mole. The only thing Ipswich Labour are not prepared to cut is the grass in the park.

Plastic Waste


Recent events in the Labour Party have caused an increase in discarded plastic. Around 12,000 members have discarded their membership cards. Labour has seen a mass exodus because of Corbyn’s weakness over the Russian nerve agent attack and antisemitism within his supporter base. Despite lies to the contrary by Corbyn supporters (retweeted by shadow cabinet members), Labour has lost 17,000 members. Decent people are waking up to the nasty reality of hard-left politics.

Political Transparency

Jeremy Corbyn has deleted his Facebook Account due to too much transparency showing him and the Labour party he has created being a bunch of bigoted, hate filled, anti-semitic, self-serving facsists. Corbyn diliberately deleted his Facebook account to hide the evidence that he and his worshipers are a cult of nasty, bigots.


This practice of erasing history is straight out of Stalin’s handbook.


The Corbynite Left’s Catalogue of Shame.

They lost the 2010 General Election and were rejected by the British people.

In March 2011 after a protest against austerity in London, some protesters turned violent and damaged property and daubed slogans on walls.

Also in another protest, Churchill’s statue had a Mohican put on it and look what happened at Brixton during the Poll Tax riots.

April 2013 the greatest peacetime Prime Minister dies of the 20th Century. Who went to Eric Heffer’s memorial service, wrote to him in his dying weeks, was seen wiping away tears at his memorial service, wrote to his widow after his passing. Who went to Harold Wilson’s memorial service and was seen wiping away tears. Who issued a warm tribute to John Smith when he died. Went to Jim Callaghan’s memorial service. There were parties and celebrations held over her passing held in London, Leeds, and other cities.

In May 2015 after a full, free and democratic General Election, which saw the election of a Conservative government in the United Kingdom, and a rejection of them by the British electorate for the second successive General Election, socialist protesters daubed a war memorial dedicated to people who gave their lives for our country in World War I and World War II and the Falklands and Iraq in London.

In October 2015 a Conservative student was hit with an egg at the Conservative party conference in Manchester. There were reports of the same protesters shouting threatening and abusive slogans at people attending the event.

A left-wing activist spat at Michael Crick.

In December 2015 a left-wing protester expressed a wish that a Labour MP Stella Creasy gets bottled for voting in favour of air strikes in Syria. There were also reports of obscene, abusive and threatening tweets being sent to other MP’s who voted in favour from left-wing activists and socialists.

March 2018 – anti-semitism in the ranks of the Labour Party.

Also reports of momentum threatening and harrassing and intimidating opponents.

They preach democracy and freedom but they are the real fascists. The real authoritarians. The real haters. the Real bigots.

Labour Today are a threat to the foundations of freedom and democracy that this country is built on. For the future of this country Labour Today must be destroyed. Vote Conservative.

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