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Labour the party of the rich

Labour Today are the Party of the Rich. This isn’t just clear by the fact that Labour are run by an elite, rich, north London cabal. In Ipswich for example, Ipswich Labour have introduced a policy where the rich are subsidised by the poor.

Ipswich Labour have brought in a policy where poor people living in flats above the first floor are having to pay through their council tax for rich people living in big houses in places like Saint Margeret’s, with big gardens to have Brown Bins. So Ipswich Labour have a policy where the poor subsidise the rich. But to them it is fair because they believe that the poor will always vote for them because in their opinion, they are entitled to the vote of the poor and they think the poor are so thick they’d always vote Labour anyway. Such is Labour Today’s contempt for their traditional core vote.

The Labour Party is made up of a bunch of rich people who tell the poor they are poor because of other rich people. Here’s Jeremy Corbyn’s childhood home.


Jeremy Corbyn’s Childhood Home

Nice house isn’t it? Does Jeremy know what it’s like to be short of money? Did his parents ever think “If only we had the money to take the children out somewhere this bank holiday”? No! Corbyn’s Dad,took them to that house when it was a bed and breakfast and the family liked it so  much, they brought it and turned it into the family home. Considering, it wasn’t on the market when they stayed there, the previous owners must have been offered a good price.

Labour the party of Snobs

Labour SnobsThe Labour Party is full of rich people. In Ipswich, for example, Labour councillor’s live in big houses in Saint Margaret’s, the outskirts of Bixley and in Rushmere Ward. They won’t live near the people who vote for them in council elections because not only are Labour Today the party of the rich, they are a bunch of snobs as well.

Also, in Suffolk Coastal, former Labour leader, Hattie Harperson has a holiday cottage. The idea of second homes is popular amongst Labour politicians because it puts house prices up so local people can’t afford to live around here. Labour Today, then blame the Tories for a problem they help to cause. Hattie Harperson is an utter snob. When in Suffolk, she insists on jumping the queue at the pub due to having a stuck up sense of entitlement. “Do you know who I am?” she says. Of course, occasionally she has to deal with people like me who won’t budge.

Labour Party snobbery is such that the Ipswich’s MP for Labour, Sandy Martin, barged past me saying “Get out of my way.” at an election count. Such is the stuck up, pompous snobbery of Labour Today.

Labour the Party of Deranged Liars

Labour Today lie so much with hyperbole and histrionics, they are deranged. For instance, Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail is full of them. They claim that the poor not subsidising the rich so rich people can have brown bins is unfair. They also lie about how much a brown bin costs in the rest of Suffolk. They use the figure of £50 because it’s nice and round and sounds like a lot of money. The figure is actually £44. If you don’t have a garden and so don’t need a brown bin, else where in Suffolk, you then make an additional saving.

Also, Ipswich Labour claim that only Ipswich has potholes while the rest of Suffolk has roads in good condition. What utter nonsense! If only members of Ipswich Labour travelled between Burgh and Hasketon or between Eyke and Ufford where they can lose their gear box or have a tyre blow out. The idea of them all being stranded in the wilds of Suffolk where they are unable to inflict damage on Ipswich is very attractive. Ipswich people hardly moan about potholes compared to country people. Ipswich Labour go into hysterics over a thin layer of asphalt coming off the road as if it is a major issue.

Also Ipswich Labour claim that the Tories only want to build luxury housing. That is an absolute lie! Ipswich Tories want to build more Band C and above properties as part of a mixed tenure to bring council tax down. But Ipswich Labour want to have high council tax because it leads to less expendable income because Labour Today believe that the poor are best kept poor and poverty should be maintained rather than eradicated. This is because Labour Today, due to being a bunch of rich snobs with a sense of entitlement believe they have a divine right to the votes of the people they make and keep poor.





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