Nadia Cenci Champion for Stoke Park

When it comes to ward councillors who stand up for resident’s of their ward and get’s things done for the betterment of the local area, Nadia Cenci is truly phenomenal. You will not come across a better local campaigner. When it comes to campaigning for local residents she has a phenomenal record of winning on their behalf. In Stoke Park Nadia Cenci is assuredly a local champion.

Nadia Cenci is a strong voice for residents of Stoke Park

Nadia has been a councillor for Stoke Park Ward for 12 years and continues to enjoy this important role.

She is a passionate and caring councillor and has lived in Stoke Park for 40 years and So knows the ward inside out. Being local means she can be with a resident in minutes, if need be and she regularly walks around the ward chatting to people and finding out what’s going on in the area.

During her time as a councillor she has dealt with many issues including housing issues, benefits assistance, supporting people with appeals, representing residents on planning issues and assisting with antisocial behaviour and crime, including speeding in the ward.

She has helped lead several local campaigns including helping to save the number 16 bus route and campaigning against the closure of the crèches in south west Ipswich.

Nadia is passionate about people being able to live in an area free from litter, graffiti and crime and she regularly attends the local neighbourhood partnership meetings to agree police priorities for the area.

If you have an issue of concern and would like to find out what Nadia can do for you then please get in touch.

Nadia’s priorities are the priorities of residents of Stoke park Ward.

Dealing with antisocial behaviour
Nadia has worked closely with the police to aid and agree policing priorities in the area. She has helped moniter anti-social behaviour and communicated with Tim Passmore, the county’s PCC, on resources and proposed action to reduce crime and give intelligence from residents to the police.

Safe roads in residential areas
Nadia regular monitors and reports potholes around the ward and has welcomed the county’s additional funding for repairs. She is endeavouring to put in place 20’s Plenty speed restrictions in Annbrook Road to ensure the safety of children and the local residents in the Brooks area.

Insuring pride in our environment
Nadia has helped monitor and Report fly-tipping and littering and has liaised with ASDA to clear shopping trolleys. She has also requested tree maintenance for overgrown or dangerous trees and insured that maintenance is carried out by IBC to ensure that residents have a lovely Ward in which to live.

Nadia has been a strong and local representative for local people and their crime issues

Tim Passmore, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner

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