Ipswich UKIP and Green’s in Disaray

In Ipswich UKIP and the Green’s are totally disorganised. None of them wanted to be their party’s agent so that they are all agents for themselves.

The Green’s are standing in Bridge, Gainsborough, Holywells,Priory Heath,Saint Johns, Saint Margeret’s, Stoke Park and Westgate. We understand that the Green Party’s target ward is Bridge. But it will be interesting to see how their campaign functions. After all, if they can’t find somebody willing to be their agent, the chances are that they can not find anyone to coordinate a cohesive campaign.

UKIP are standing in Gainsborough, Sprites and Whitehouse. We have been informed that there is much despondency amongst Ipswich UKIP’s ranks. Intelligence sources indicate that their former parliamentary candidate for Ipswich, Tony Gould was going to be the Ipswich UKIP agent but then couldn’t be bothered with indulging in such a waste of time. RSV is pleased that Alan Cotterell is standing though, because his leaflets are always hilarious.

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