Massive Demonstration Against the Anti Semitic Labour Party

Hundreds of people have demonstrated outside the Labour Party HQ against anti Semitism.  Placards read “zero tolerance for antisemitism”, “Labour hold Corbyn to account” and “anti-Semitism is racism”.

Actress Maureen Lipman said that she identified with a placard that read “Corbyn made me a Tory.” The Mirror, the Express, Guido Fawkes and Ipswich barmy Bolshevik blogger, Andrew Coates have said that she said that Corbyn has made her a Tory and as I hate misquotes, I’m calling them all out. In fact she merely said that she identified with a placard that said it.

The fact that Maureen Lipman has been misquoted does not alter the fact that Labour is not the party for mensches. The Labour Party has been hijacked by terrorist sympathising, lying, anti Semitic, Britain hating fascists. Alan Suger rightfully has said that Jeremy Corbyn is dangerous. Without the batent anti semitism he has allowed to be prominent in the Labour party, his policies are dangerous to the future prosperity, freedom and tolerance we as a nation enjoy. His political views are dispicable but in this he is dangerous because he will not confront it because he is not leadership materiel. If he isn’t an anti Semite he won’t confront anti Semitism because he is to nice. Jeremy Corbyn’s constant consorting with anti-Semitic bastards and not confronting their sickening views indicates that he doesn’t find anti-Semitism as offensive as any decent person should.

For a faith group to be so fearful they protest in the streets is unprecedented in post second world war Britain. Such a thing hasn’t occurred since the 1930’s For people to be on the streets protesting against a political party that is in opposition is surreal. This indicates the foul smelling swamp that Labour have become under Corbyn.

It is no secret that I am pro Palestinian. Corbyn has tried to speak about anti Semitism in the Labour Party.  I was against the extreme left controlled group Palestine Solidarity Campaign due to my opposition to BDS. Now as concerning anti Semitism in the Labour Party, it  has said nothing, I renounce them and want absolutely nothing  to do with them.

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