Response to Caroline Page’s Concern Regarding Suffolk Public Sector Reform

Lib Dem councillor for Woodbridge, Caroline Page has voiced her opposition to Suffolk County Council Leader, Colin Noble’s announcement that he has commissioned think-tank Respublica to look at public sector reform in Suffolk, examining the current arrangements for public service delivery in Suffolk.

The current system is confusing with Woodbridge having a town council, a district council and a county council. Each council is responsible for different things so that when an issue arises members of the public often don’t know which councillor to contact. As when talking to Caroline Page about local issues one of her most commonly used phrases is “I am not a District Councillor” assuredly, she is aware of the current confusion due to everybody having three councillors to choose from on councils responsible for different things. Primarily Suffolk has a two tier system divided between Suffolk County Council and district/borough councils. In the towns apart from Ipswich, it get’s more confusing due to town councils which function like Parish councils. Suffolk County council is responsible for all the major stuff apart from Planning, housing and refuge collection which the District/Borough councils are responsible for. This would indicate that planning,  housing and refuge collection are not important issues but in fact they are. Therefore it makes perfect sense to scrap district/borough councils so that the right people are made aware of issues so that they can be resolved quicker.

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