Car Parking in Woodbridge

Suffolk Coastal is working with the local community to increase the amount of parking in The Avenue and Station Road Car Parks . Suffolk Coastal plan to be able to provide in the region of 75 extra car parking spaces in this area later this year and expect to be able to submit a detailed planning application during the summer, with work being carried out during the autumn/winter months to minimise the disruption to other car park users.
In addition, remedial work is planned for The Station Car Park which has been unusable for much of the winter because of flooding. The car park site is owned by Greater Anglia
(Abellio East Anglia) who lease it to Suffolk Coastal under a
revenue share agreement. It is hoped that the work on this car park can be completed before work commences on the other car parks but final agreement on how the works are to be done has been held up by Greater Anglia so a firm date for this work cannot be given.
The monies to do these works has already been agreed by Suffolk Coastal’s Cabinet.
Suffolk Coastal District Cllrs Colin Hedgley, Geoff Holdcroft & Patti Mulcahy
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