Ellesmere Logic

I have had a complaint about these Ellesmere logic posts saying that I shouldn’t be attacking his leadership but attacking the real leaders of Ipswich Labour like Ipswich Labour’s electoral agent and Carrot Road season ticket holder John Cook. But as I’ve previously heard the phrase ‘Ellesmere Logic around the Borough I shall continue with these posts.

The first time I heard the phrase ‘Ellesmere Logic’ was in a conversation about the flawed logic of buying as much property as possible. Today the Ipswich Politburo General Secretary says “One thing I’ve learned from my time as leader of the council is that any project which involves property takes an age to complete.” The reason it seems that way is because when governmental bodies are involved everything takes an age to complete. When the Waitrose/John Lewis development was given planning permission, Ipswich Labour were amazed that work on it started just over a week later rather than six months later. This is because Ellesmere Logic works on the assumption that because everything takes an age to get done in the public sector everything must take an age to get done in the private sector as well. As Ronald Reagan said “nothing is more permanent than a temporary government programme.” This means that because everything takes so long, everything appears to be permanent.

David Ellesmere puts it across that his administration is behind the Ipswich Garden Supurb and the new £20m records office and heritage centre after Conservative  controlled Suffolk County Council won more than £10m from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the project. Ipswich Labour claim credit for what other people have done because Ellesmere Logic stipulates that  people have short memories and so don’t remember the facts and that people don’t know the difference between one council and another. Hence he is opposed to  a Unitary Suffolk Authority because it would mean that one facet of Ellesmere Logic can not be used.

David Ellesmere also talks about the massive warehouse being built on the former sugar beet site. The buying of the site caused Ipswich residents to call the silo’s Ellesmere’s Folly. As the warehouse is going to be a bigger building, it to will be called Ellesmere’s Folly.

He talks of places the Borough have bought being converted to new things but if they were brought buy private companies, they would have already been converted. But Ellesmere Logic stipulates that the more the council owns the better because private ownership is evil and the council owning everything will produce a socialist utopia that doesn’t exist.

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