Response to Andy Coates Crap on Facebook

Ipswich’s very own barmy bolshevik blogger, Andrew Coates has launched an attack on Conservative candidate for Whitehouse  Stephen Lark on Facebook making a big deal about Stephen being a member of the Richard III society

Comrade Coates says,

Stephen Lark is standing for the Conservatives in Whitehouse, Ipswich, in the Council Elections.

He outdoes Rees Mogg: Stephen has been a member of the Richard III Society since 1989.

Stephen often asks people, such as my good self, to come and hear him speak on how Richard the lll was the victim of the worst fake news scandal of the late middle ages.

Now obviously as a member of the Henry Tudor Society after looking in to it, to me it is clear that Henry VII had nothing to do with the vile, brutal murder of the princes in the tower and it is clear that any jury would find guilty, the evil, claw fingered, hunchbacked monster, Richard III.

My views may be due to the influence of Tider spin but as Andy is now a devout Corbynista, what does he really think?

For some reason Red Andy brought me in to the conversation with this,

Stephen will be flattered to hear it. He is quite a character, a raconteur nonpareil ! Suffolk’s leading Conservative campaigner and East Anglia’s Premier Blogger, Scholar and Poet, (Kevin Algar) would concur with me on this without tergiversation.

Why Coatesy felt the need to bring me in to it is a mystery but it leads this post to  a nice conclusion.  Though Stephen Lark is a Zionist and I am pro Palestinian we both find the anti Semitism in the Labour party most sickening. It has also been observable that since Andy has joined Corbyn’s Labour Party he has come to tow the party line. At one time he would openly criticise aspects of Islam and always attack anti semitism. Now he says nothing about Islam and defends the anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.  Though his blog is still primarily surreal nonsense due to his obedience to the Corbyn cult, his blog has become a source of  flatulent emptiness.

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