Prat Nav Destroys Part of Town’s Heritage

A tall lorry struck the Grade I-listed structure at Ye Olde Bell & Steelyard in New Street. This was the 8th time this year the structure has been struck. There has also been a number of near misses


Damage to the Bell and Steel Yard by Lorry


The Pub before the event

So Prat Nav has managed to wreck something that has been there since the 1600’s. At yesterdays town council meeting, Woodbridge town councillors along with Caroline Page and members of the public were absolutely livid.

Carioline Page said that her proposed 20 mph scheme would have stopped it. But as the lorry driver had already ignored height restriction signs and signs saying ‘light vehicles only’ he wouldn’t have taken any notice of speed restriction signs either. If Prat Nav had told him to turn by Andy Seedhouse’s boat shed and continue straight into the Deben, that’s what he would have done. Such is the influence of Prat Nav.

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