Heather Mills a Strong Voice for Holywells

Heather grew up in the Ipswich area and went to school in Ipswich. For over 20 years she has lived close to the town centre and has witnessed the huge changes Ipswich has undergone. With a background in marketing management and running a small business. Heather is now involved in voluntary work including delivering food parcels for FIND.

Heather says

In 2016 I stood as your candidate in the local borough elections and although unsuccessful at the time, I have continued with my involvement and interest in The Holywells Ward over the past two years.

With regard to the upper Orwell Crossing, Ipswich residents will benefit from a cut in journey times up to 27%, a new cycle path and development of the island site. However, my priority is to ensure Holywells residents receive the mitigation measures needed to alleviate any change in traffic patterns.

Holywells has wonderful amenities such as the park and Waterfront but the ward also has its share of crime issues and antisocial behaviour. I intend to work alongside our police and crime commissioner, Tim Passmore, to tackle any issues that concern the security of our residents.

Heather Mills priorities for Holywells Ward

Upper Orwell Crossings
The Bridges will benefit Ipswich overall. However, residents in Cliff Lane, Clapgate Lane and  Landseer Road are right to have serious concerns about changes in traffic flows.

Heather says

I will ensure residents are kept informed and their views heard working alongside SCC to mitigate any increase in traffic.

Smarten Up Waterfront Car Park

We are proud of the waterfront in Ipswich, but the car parking Duke Street, Shed 8, is looking very Shabby and uncared for and let’s the area down.

Heather says

I will tackle this and work with the local authorities, University and other parties to smarten up this Key Street and improve it’s appearance.

Speeding and Parking
This is a problem in Newton, Cavendish and Alan Roads and hard to solve. However the use of the speed indicator device encourages motorists to slow down.

Heather says

I am keen to wider measures already in place to combat poor parking in the Cliff Lane and Holywells Park areas.

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