James Harding a Strong Voice for People in Saint Johns

James Harding is enthusiastic, hard working and caring and would improve the lives of people in Saint Johns’s with great zeal. He will most certainly be a councillor who gets things done for the benefit of residents.

James says,

For over 5 years, I have been involved in local campaigning and have spoken to many residents across the whole town about their needs and aspirations for Ipswich. After being selected to contest a Suffolk County Council by-election back in September 2017, it was a great experience to be able to speak to more residents of St John’s on issues which affect them, and being a voice for the community. I am now standing again to be your Borough Councillor on May the 3rd.

I am a young person who wants to play an active role in the community. Both working and living in Ipswich, I am proud to call the town my home. I feel with my energy and enthusiasm, St. John’s could be better represented on the Borough Council. Aside from my three main priorities I would fight to ensure that Ipswich council tax payers money is well spent and hold the administration to count on the decisions it makes.

The upper Orwell crossings and a Northern Road will shorten our journey times across the town. I believe these initiatives would boost the local economy. With fresh ideas and new representatives, Ipswich can achieve its full potential and I would be really excited to be elected for this area in May.

James Priorities Are Saint Johns Priorities
On Street Car Parking
Inconsiderate parking is causing issues with visibility, blocking people from walking along paths and causing difficulty in manoeuvring around vehicles. If elected James will work to ensure that these issues are addressed so the roads and paths can be safer for all.
Tackling Hospital Parking
Working with neighbouring councillors in Bixley, James will try to address the issue of hospital parking problems in our streets. To make it easier for residents to park in their own Road. James will join these other councillors in there regular meetings with hospital management.
Impact Of St Clement’s Development
The development is currently in progress. James recognises that this could have an impact on traffic and pressure on schools. James will monitor this closely to ensure that your views are heard and issues are addressed as they may arise in the future.

James is just what the council needs. He is enthusiastic, hard working, confident and caring.

:- Eddy Phillips Conservative Councillor for Bixley Ward

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