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Threat to National Security

Labour Today are a threat to national security. Corbyn has said that he would never go to war. He has claimed that evidence needs to be established before we say Russia was 30727957_1697491603667554_6819554175009947648_nbehind the Salisbury nerve agent attack and claims that parliament should have voted on depleting Assad’s chemical weapons making facilities. his brother Piers is saying that the chemical attack was a false flag used as an excuse for us to attack

The missile strike lasted 68 minutes. The way the Corbynista’s are talking, you’d think we bombed Syria for six weeks. It was a swift and measured response to an illegal act of war. The fact that there were no civilian or military casualties indicates that there was a lot of international phone calls made prior to it. This would indicate a situation of more jaw than war. So the idea that May, Macron and Trump are war mongers for doing it is factious.

Yet Another Vacuous Pledge

This week Labour have promised to give all people under 25 free bus travel. They claim that it will save young people £1000 a year. As there are 16 million people between 16 and 25 in this country, we can ascertain that the cost would be at least 16 billion. When asked where the money was coming from, they said that it would come out of the roads budget. That kind of money coming out of the roads budget would mean that no potholes would get fixed so that all the roads would be in such a state, that buses wouldn’t be able to travel on them. So under 25’s would have free travel to nowhere. You think Britain’s  roads are a mess now, Corbyn wants to go the full Venezuela so without a 4×4 nobody would be able to drive anywhere

The Momentum Takeover

Labour Today is now fully owned by Momentum. Momentum is an extreme left, Britain hating organisation who want to make Britain like Venezuela. This is why, Ipswich Labour have so many odd choice candidates in this year’s Borough elections. in Labour Today, you must worship Jeremy Corbyn and any blasphemies against him could cause you to be thrown out. Labour today represent the politics of hate and they hate anybody that disagrees with their surreal ideas. Those they hate are called Zionist, Tory scum. This is because they believe that the world is run by a wealthy secret society which all Jews, Freemasons and Tories secretly belong to. They believe that Jeremy Corbyn is really a poor bloke living in a bedsit and anyone who point out that he isn’t is Zionist, Tory scum. The conspiracy theory they adhere to makes the Flat Earth Society seem rational. A once great political party is no more. Therefore there is no rational alternative to vote for other than for the Conservative Party.

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