Mike Scanes A Strong Voice for Sprites

Mike has lived in Chantry since he moved from Manchester in 1985. Following his retirement from industry, he joined the NHS and worked for the local council networks. With a major cancer charity he helped preparing a guide for carers of cancer patients. Mike also supported the hospice movement. He was a member of the patient and public involvement forum for the Suffolk Mental Health Trust.

Through his involvement with the NHS and Voluntary Sector, Mike is aware of the needs of families in getting quick access to services and will work tirelessly with the local NHS to achieve this goal.

Mike has two daughters who both live in Ipswich and two grandchildren who attends local schools.

He says

As a grandfather of young children I am aware of the dangers associated with speeding traffic and unsafe parking in the school safety zones and the roads in Ipswich in general. I will work with the police and schools to make the access around school safer.

Many of the roads in Chantry are very poor and with lots of potholes, particularly on Hawthorn dDrive and I will press the County Council to repair these roads before next Winter.

Mike Scanes priorities are

Traffic Issues in Sprites
Mike is concerned that despite school safety signs people are still speeding. We will work with the police and council to crack down on poor parking and look into the use of double yellow lines around schools. Mike will work with the schools to educate families of the risks they face from traffic.

Road Safety and Speeding
Speeding in our community put lives at risk. We shouldn’t have to put up with it. We will work with the county council and Tim Passmore, the police and crime commissioner to make our roads safer for residencts in the area. Mike welcomes the  county council’s extra 21 million pound for pothole repairs.

Supporting the NHS in Ipswich
My career in the NHS means that he understands what Families Need from their local GP, dental and hospital services. We will arrange to meet with local NHS representatives to urge that the residents of the sprites have the best access to health facilities at local GP surgeries and beyond.

Mike will be a great asset to Spirites Ward  and will be able to continue and carry on the work I started

:-Bob Hall, Stoke Park and former Sprites Ward Councillor.

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