Sam Downer A Fresh Voice for People in Westgate

All of Westgate Ward used to be one of the nicest areas in Ipswich but it has been badly let down by Labour to the point where there is such deprivation, and the like around Jubilee Park that it is the most deprived ward in the town. What Ipswich Labour have done to Westgate Ward is disgusting. Westgate Ward needs a borough councillor who lives locally who would not stand for what Ipswich Labour has so masterfully achieved. Such a councillor would be Sam Downer.

Sam says

I am a resident of Westgate Ward, having attended the local primary school, Handford hall and I have lived in Ipswich my whole life. I feel that was my passion and enthusiasm as a younger person involved, Westgate would be far better represented at the council.

Westgate and Ipswich needs change. For the past decade the ward has only had Labour councillors on the Borough Council. I feel that they take this ward and your vote for granted. Unlike my Labour opponent I live in the ward.

The bus fare increase by Ipswich buses is hitting some of our residents in the pocket who have no other travel options. So I will keep a close eye on what the bus company does on its local routes, so that local residents are fairly treated by the bus company which is owned and part funded by council tax payers.

I support the upper Orwell crossings, northern fringe development and northern route these projects will create jobs and new homes and this investment in public infrastructure will reduce traffic congestion to insure that Ipswich continues to grow. I would support other developments to help further regenerate our town.

I would be honoured to be elected for Westgate on the 3rd of May.

Sam Downer’s Priorities Are Westgate’s Priorities
Reducing Fly-tipping And Crime
Sam Downer says

Litter left on the streets and along the River shows a lack of respect by the culprits. It damages our environment and makes our Westgate look untidy. If elected I will hold the Borough Council to account and work hard for residents to make sure communities are not damaged by this disgusting habit.

Street Lights On Longer
Safety and well being of residents is our top priority. If elected, Sam will work with County Councillor Chris Chambers, to get street lights switched on longer elsewhere, like he arranged in the Jubilee Park area to tackle drugs and gang problems. This would give peace of mind for residents.
Road Safety And Speeding
Speeding in our community put lives at risk. We shouldn’t have to put up with it and we wish to reduce it. If elected, Sam will work with Chris to urge Suffolk highways to make our roads safer, such as a 20 mile per hour zone in the Anglesea Road area, so that families can feel safer in their own streets.

Sam is just what Westgate needs – a breath of fresh air to bring about long needed change.

:-Chris Chambers, Conservatives county councillor for Westgate

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