The Nasty Politics of Ipswich Labour Explained

Here I said

Ipswich Conservatives have asked that all 3 parties’ candidates in the local elections adopt a respectful and positive tone in campaigning.

All Conservative candidates in the local elections are asked to agree to the following pledges:

To set a tone in public debate that allows others to participate in public life and demonstrates that politics is an activity engaged for the good of all.

To encourage our supporters to campaign on social media in a respectful manner and to condemn supporters who engage in intimidatory behaviour.

To refrain from making abusive or offensive attacks on other candidates in written literature, on social media or verbally.

Councillor Ian Fisher asked the leaders of the Ipswich Labour and Liberal Democrat parties whether their candidates would agree to similar pledges .Councillor Ellesmere, Labour Group leader, confirmed a similar pledge that their candidates follow. Councillor Lockington of the Saint Margaret’s Ward Residents Association Liberal Democrats, gave her party’s general support to the principles.

Now obviously Labour Group leader, David Ellesmere, can’t actually confirm anything because he’s just a puppet. So guess which local political party hasn’t kept to the pledge. Yes, that the one. Labour!

A number of nasty attacks and smears have been launched on Conservative candidates by Ipswich Labour. Though he is aware of it, David Ellesmere is unfairly being blamed for the nastiness. This is because Ipswich Labour are in fact ruled by their agent and Carrot Road Season Ticket holder and politically vindictive and vicious individual, John Cook. John Cook is the reason politics in Ipswich is so nasty. He was an adherent to Jeremy Corbyn’s gentler, kinder politics before it was trendy. John Cook is politically viscous. He has a track record of downright nastiness including attacking people who step down for family reasons. He really is a nasty piece of work. What makes him even more loathsome is the fact that during the 2015 general election campaign, John Cook stormed into the Ipswich Conservative office ranting and being threatening about a truthful post he didn’t like on Ipswich Labour’s favourite blog. Well, if he wasn’t such a believer in nasty, vindictive campaign methods, I wouldn’t feel the need to attack would I?

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1 Response to The Nasty Politics of Ipswich Labour Explained

  1. Ipswichresident says:

    Ipswich Labour leave a lot to be desired when it comes to their campaigning. Their leaflets are disengenous at best. It’s about time they were called out. People don’t want this and don’t take too kindly to seeing underhand election activity. Perhaps they think it works as they are in control but it will bite them in the bum one day when people of Ipswich come to their senses.

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