A Fresh Voice For Change in Gipping

For to long, Gipping Ward has been taken for granted by its councillors. Though the Labour majority has been decreasing in the ward for the last seven years, they still have the arrogance to take it for granted. It is where they place their career politicians who are more interested in climbing the greasy pole than standing up for and helping the community. Gipping ward residents voting for the Conservatives excellent candidate, Mark Phillips, can change it for the better.

Mark will be a great asset to Gipping Ward and will be able to continue and carry on the work I started.

:-Kevin Algar, former candidate for Gipping Ward and local activist

Mark was brought up in Ipswich and last year he did voluntary work for a Christian charity on the Hadleigh Road Industrial Estate.

He used to work at the former Harris factory in Hadleigh Road but is now involved in care work which he finds very rewarding. The desire to help others, particularly those in most need is one of the main reasons he is standing to be a councillor.

Mark tells us that his political motivation and desire to help local residents grew from his brother Edward Phillips who is a Conservative councillor for Bixley Ward in Ipswich and former Conservative candidate for Gipping ward, Kevin Algar. Their enthusiasm and dedication to help out where one can in the neighbourhood, influenced Mark to get involved as well.

Mark says,

If you want me to deliver the change that you know Gipping Ward needs, please give me your support on Thursday, May 3rd.*

Gipping Ward Resident’s Priorities are Mark’s Priorities
Helping Our Young People
“Our children face increasing pressures as they grow up we will work with the local churches, schools and community groups to offer new opportunities and activities for them and prepare for life after school, and enable them to explore job and further education options.”
Helping Our Older Residents
“We want our older people to feel safe and be part of their community. We will work with local organisations to offer support groups, especially for the housebound and lonely. This will enable residents to continue being active as long as possible and continue meeting other people.”
Tackling Drugs and Gang Problems
“Safety and well being of residents is our top priority. Many residents have told us that their lives have been blighted by the gang and drug problems locally. If elected, Mark will work with the police and council teams responsible to find solutions to this issue.

Gipping has been taken for granted by its councillors for to long. Mark can change that.

:-Councillor Ian Fisher, Conservative Group Leader

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2 Responses to A Fresh Voice For Change in Gipping

  1. John Thurlow says:

    Does he need any leaflets delivered.

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