Conservatives are funding repairs of more pot holes

Ipswich Conservative councillors welcome new dedicated funding from the Government, which could repair up to 46,000 pot holes in Suffolk.*

Thousands of drivers and cyclists across Suffolk will soon have safer journeys thanks to an additional allocation of up to £2.4m which is being provided by government to Suffolk. This will allow local road users to enjoy their journeys without having to dodge so many potholes.

This is on top of the £75 million of funding already given to councils from the Pothole Action Fund this year, as well as the additional £46 million boost for highways authorities announced just before Christmas.

The funding will also help to protect the roads from any future severe weather.

Residents tell us that the state of our roads in Ipswich remains a great source of frustration for drivers, especially after the unusually prolonged spell of freezing weather – it’s one of the biggest issues that people want to talk about.

Whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s local representatives like to complain about anything they can think of, it is the Conservative Government that is providing this funding to improve local roads.

*The figure of 46,000 is based on a national average estimated cost to fix potholes at £53 each.

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