Cheesewedges to blot the Woodbridge Landscape

The East Suffolk Planning Committee has given the go ahead to the Cheese Wedge Development. Five members of the District Council planning committee were for the development and 5 were against it. Committee chairman and district councillor for Kesgrave West, Debbie McCallum voted for with her casting vote. District councillor for Felixstowe South, Andy Smith said that he admired the designs. District Councillor for Leiston, Tony Cooper said that there is a need for affordable housing and that he thought it was a good design.

Unsurprisingly Woodbridge Councillors had a different point of view. Woodbridge Town Councillor Caroline Blois said the homes were a blot on the Landscape and would affect Woodbridge for a lifetime. District Councillor for Woodbridge and Woodbridge Town Council, Patti Mulcahy raised concerns over the loss of two heritage buildings on the site.

Melton Parish Council, Woodbridge Town Council, Woodbridge District councillors and Melton and Woodbridge county councillors are against the development. But because people on the District Council planning committee who are unlikely to be affected by the development are for it, it is going ahead. So much for local democracy.

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