Ipswich Desperately Needs Change

Historically as the County Town of Suffolk, people have moved to Ipswich from the country to better their prospects. Because the people remained country people at heart, Ipswich became known as East Anglia’s largest village. But something is happening that nobody would have expected. The amount of Ipswich people who have decided to move out Woodbridge, Hadleigh or Stowmarket way is staggering. It’s like as our parents or grandparents or great grandparents moved to Ipswich from the country to better their prospects, we’re now moving back to the country to better our prospects. Nobody finds Ipswich Labour’s socialist utopia an attractive prospect.

The Vibrant Economy Index carried out by business and financial advisory firm Grant Thornton UK LLP measured 324 local authority areas in England on a broad range of indicators. These areas including health, well-being and prosperity. Suffolk Coastal Came seventh nationally in the health and well-being and happiness category and mid Suffolk came 13th. Ipswich came 196th. Such is the nature of socialism in practice

As Ipswich Labour faithfully implement their socialist policies, the town is going backwards. By moving to Woodbridge, my life expectancy has gone up by ten years. As Ipswich Labour run down the town creating more long term poverty and decrease the prospects of people bettering themselves and then burden them financially with extortionate council tax, people’s dopamine and serotonin levels are diminished. this has an effect on people’s overall sense of well being.

Ipswich Labour want as much money to leave Ipswich as possible. Under them the town lost Martin an Newby an independent butcher and a fruiterer. Then there policy of economic decline was halted by the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition. Once Ipswich Labour got back control they continued their policy of decline. So we have now also lost Blacks and Bretts have left the town centre. Ipswich Labour hate small independent businesses because their profits stay in the local economy. Ipswich Labour prefer profits to end up in bank accounts of people living in Surrey than being used to help the Ipswich economy grow.

Now I’m living in Woodbridge I can see more clearly how Ipswich is being destroyed and how Ipswich Labour are doing it. When I lived in Ipswich I thought that Ipswich Labour meant well but they were misguided. I now realise that they do not mean well and are destroying my home town on purpose. As a result, I now hate the bastards more than ever.

Labour like to wreck places and then blame the Tories for what they’ve created on purpose. Their ideology multiplies and multiplies, until every ounce of enterprise and aspiration amongst the people is consumed. Due to the lack of empowerment Labour can then promise to help the people they have made vulnerable. Then they create more deprivation, poverty and feelings of helplessness.

But it need not be like this. Ipswich can get better by having the Conservatives running the Borough Council.

As the County Town of Suffolk it should and could be so much more. We want to see a radical transformation of the town by offering more cultural and family entertainment & Ipswich Conservatives are proposing a new Waterfront Heritage Centre and a multi-use Arena at a separate location. Let’s show the region and the country what a top-class place Ipswich can be!

Ipswich Conservatives are supporting significant new investment to improve the town’s road network. Ipswich Conservatives supported the northern by-pass for many years and are pleased to see that £550,000 is being spent working on a Strategic Outline Business Case with route options so that the project gains funding from the Department for Transport. Ipswich Conservatives are also supporting the County Council’s bid to Highways England to upgrade the Copdock Interchange. This is Conservatives working together to benefit our travel in and around the town, including the £90m Upper Orwell Crossings project which will reduce journey times by up to 27%.

Conservatives have scrapped stamp duty for 80% of first time buyers to get more families on the housing ladder & invested £10 million into the Ipswich Garden Suburb ensuring provision of vital infrastructure.

This will enable the building of both affordable and private homes for the Town. A Conservative council will ensure there is a good mix of aspirational and affordable housing for all including much needed family homes. We need a change from Labour’s rigid current planning rules which is stifling opportunities.

Discounted car parking and bus fares for Ipswich residents. New ticket machines being introduced mean that we can bring in variable charging rates – so that taxpayers in Ipswich could park at a cheaper rate than people from out of town. It’s your council and it’s your town and we want to give you value for your money.

Labour’s mismanagement of Ipswich Buses means it’s losing money and providing a poor service – Ipswich Conservatives want to change that.

Did you know the Council owns Ipswich Buses? It belongs to all of us and we want to make it something we can all be proud of. Recently we have seen 25% increases in some fares and a huge reduction in services.

Ipswich Conservatives will insist on the Board having customer representation and ensure that, unlike at present, they employ public transport experts. It’s what we all deserve.

Do you know that Ipswich Council Tax is the most expensive in Suffolk: £273 for Band B versus about £119 for some of our neighbours?

Ipswich conservatives will turn around loss-making services and use our assets to increase income generation & keep council tax low.Over the last 2 years over £5 Million of your money has been spent on repaying interest, last year alone Labour borrowed £56 Million.

Labour’s plans could cost us £10 million in interest annually. The Labour council has written off debts of £7 million in 5 years. Labour controlled sports and leisure services cost us £1.5 million each year. A Conservative council will generate more from our assets and turn round loss-making services.

It’s your money – you can trust us to look after it.

Conservatives are improving junctions across the town to help traffic flow more easily.

Conservative run Suffolk County Council is investing an extra £21 million over three years to repair and resurface Suffolk’s roads.

The first phase of local junction improvements is in progress where the first part of £5m of funding is being spent to reduce bottlenecks at congestion hotspots. We will look to other areas of the town when this first phase is concluded for more junction upgrades, so that more residents can get around by road more efficiently.

Ipswich is fortunate to have many trees in residential areas. Ipswich Conservatives will work to increase their number. Ipswich Conservatives will work with residents where they feel new and / or replacement trees would improve their environment and make the area greener, especially where other trees have been lost. Please contact your Conservative candidate if your neighbourhood could benefit from some new trees, plants or where existing trees are not being trimmed enough.

Vote Conservative.

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