It’s Time for Ipswich to Vote Conservative

In Ipswich over the last 2 years over £5 Million of council tax payers money has been spent on repaying interest, last year alone Labour borrowed £56 Million. The current total debt is £187 million. Labour controlled sports and leisure services are expected to make a loss of £1.5 million this year. Labour’s plans could cost council tax payers £10 million in interest annually. The Labour council has written off debts of £7 million in 5 years. You can read the Borough Statement of accounts here.

This is after Labour have slashed public services including the stopping of the Borough crèche provision and giving away Maidenhall Sports Centre so the public can no longer use it. A Conservative council will generate more from our assets and turn round loss-making services.

Ipswich Council Tax is the most expensive in Suffolk: £273 for Band B versus about £119 in some neighbouring authorities Ipswich Conservatives will turn around loss-making services and use borough assets to increase income generation & keep council tax low.

Another reason Ipswich Council Tax is so high is the lack of properties that are Council Tax Band C and above. Ipswich Labour’s housing policy is to only build Band A and B. Ipswich Conservatives will encourage the building of a mixed tenure of Band A and B to create more affordable housing with the building of properties of Band C and above to reduce the overall council tax burden across the town. A Conservative council will ensure there is a good mix of aspirational and affordable housing for all including much needed family homes. We need a change from Labour’s rigid current planning rules which is stifling opportunities. You can read the Conservative policy here

Ipswich Labour’s incompetence has also put certain bus services at risk. More here, here and here Concerning this matter, Labour activists are being stumped on the doorstep. Some Labour canvassers are saying the Conservatives put them at risk and Labour saved them, others are saying that they were never in danger even though certain buses have been cut. The residents are quite aware that they are not saying the actual facts regarding the situation. Everybody knows that Ipswich Labour controls Ipswich Buses.

Labour’s mismanagement of Ipswich Buses means it’s losing money and providing a poor service Conservatives want to change that. Recently we have seen 25% increases in some fares and a huge reduction in services. This has lead to more people using their cars, increasing congestion in Ipswich. A Conservative council will insist on the Board having customer representation and ensure that, unlike at present, they employ public transport experts. You can read the Ipswich Conservative policy here.

A major issue in Ipswich is the problem of drug gangs and the Ipswich Conservative group have already acted to end this blight on Ipswich. At the full council meeting held on Wednesday 22nd November 2017, Conservative group leader Ian fisher brought forward a motion.

“That this Council agrees that working together with other agencies and local authorities to find a solution to the gang-related problems, and the exploitation of vulnerable people, currently taking place on the streets of our Town will be a high priority for Ipswich Borough Council.”

This was put to the meeting and was agreed. It was resolved that

That this Council agrees that working together with other agencies and local authorities to find a solution to the gang-related problems, and the exploitation of vulnerable people, currently taking place on the streets of our Town will be a high priority for Ipswich Borough Council.

You can read the minutes of that council meeting here

On top of this a Conservative Council will work closely with Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner to lobby central government to allow Suffolk Constabulary to have the funding it needs as many in Whitehall believe their is nothing in Suffolk but fields and quint little cottages we are not getting the funding we need. A number of Ipswich Conservative borough Candidates have spoken about the issue of drug and gang problems in their literature.

Another issue is what is happening to Ipswich Town Centre. A Conservative Council will offer discounted car parking charges for Ipswich residents in the car parks it owns & lower bus fares, to encourage more local people to spend time in our town centre increase footfall which will boost confidence in our shopping offering & encourage more retailers to open up in the town centre. You can read the policy here. The effect of this Conservative policy is already having a positive effect. In preparation for the Conservatives to take control of the council on May 4th, National Car Parks has launched a pre-emptive strike and announced that its Tower Ramparts site behind Marks and Spencer, notorious as the most expensive car park in the town, if not the whole of Suffolk, is to have its charges slashed for the summer. NCP is cutting the cost of parking in Tower Ramparts from £3.50 an hour to £1 an hour for six weeks from next Monday. Parking for three hours will be cut by half to just £5. You can read about NCP’s pre-emptive price cut here.

Ipswich is the County Town of Suffolk and at one time it was a county town the whole of Suffolk was proud of. It saddens me how Ipswich Labour do not take our county township seriously and Ipswich has declined to the point where outside Ipswich, it is held in derision. I am fed up with hearing my home town being spoken of with contempt. It bloody well hurts and it should no longer be tolerated.

Ipswich Conservatives have a great vision for our great town. They wish to radically transform the retail & leisure offering. They want to see a radical transformation of the town byoffering more cultural and family entertainment & we are proposing a new Waterfront Heritage Centre and a multi-use Arena at a separate location.

Let’s show the region and the country what a top-class place Ipswich can be. Ipswich people are often moaning about the town’s demise. Thursday, is the time for Ipswich people to stop moaning and Vote Conservative.

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