Ipswich Labour’s Lie about Busses

Ipswich Labour as they always do have been telling a number of lies to the Ipswich electorate. One of the lies is that Conservatives were going  cut buses and they saved them from cuts This is not true.

The Borough Council owns Ipswich Buses and they have Labour councillors on the board. They cut the number 17 from every half an hour to every hour. They couldn’t have cut something and saved it at the same time.

Labour’s mismanagement of Ipswich Buses means it’s losing money and providing a poor service Conservatives want to change that. Recently we have seen 25% increases in some fares and a huge reduction in services. This has lead to more people using their cars, increasing congestion in Ipswich. A Conservative council will insist on the Board having customer representation and ensure that, unlike at present, they employ public transport experts. You can read the Ipswich Conservative policy here.

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