Response to Tweets from Ipswich Labour

Members of Ipswich Labour have been posting some disingenuous tweets.

Here’s one what Sandra Gage tweeted

 They closed two of the most used children’s centres in Suffolk. Both in Ipswich. Both clearly needed. It’s all warm words to the Press and cuts behind the scenes at Tory run SCC.

Ipswich Labour cut the borough creche service, gave away Maidenhall Sports Centre so the public can’t use it and cut the number 17 bus from every half an hour to every hour. It’s all warm words to the Press and cuts behind the scenes at Labour run Ipswich.

Here’s another what Jack Abbott tweeted

: Funding slashed for schools in poorest areas of

Suffolk Labour also tweeted the lie.

Funding for schools in Ipswich increased due to the number of Conservative county councillors in Ipswich tripling last year.

The East Anglian Daily Times reported

Ipswich is one of 12 areas across the country identified by the Department for Education as an opportunity area, where challenges facing youngsters was among the greatest in the country.

A collective £72million pot has been earmarked for the dozen communities in a bid to ensure children gain the best outcomes.

After I challenged Jack Abbott on his misinformation, he blocked me.  Ipswich Labour have blocked me for some time. They clearly don’t like their lies being exposed.

The best has come from Ipswich’s nonentity of an MP.  An MP who is so useless that I have been informed by a member of the public that he told them that he hasn’t looked at Ben Gummer’s open casework that was handed over to him. Here’s the tweet.

So Sajid Javid replaces Amber Rudd. We were told no major reshuffle. Clearly May doesn’t think Local Govt is important. Yet another reason to vote for @UKLabour councillors on Thursday! @IpswichLabour

This lead to  a rather interesting conversation between myself and a prominent Labour councillor on Facebook.

I asked

How exactly does a national cabinet reshuffle effect public services provided by the council?

He responded with

Are you saying Javid is going to do both jobs Kevin? If he moves from DCLG (Dept for Communities & Local Government) I guess someone else has to move. A sort of reshuffle. If someone else runs the DCLG it is likely that they may change approach and this will have an impact on Local Govt. A change to the approach might have an impact on how local services are delivered. Got it?

I responded with

Is this going to effect how Conservatives would deliver local public services in Ipswich better than Ipswich Labour does? No it isn’t.

He then responded with a picture of a pothole.

I responded with

That really doesn’t answer my question, potholes are not the responsibility of Central government and they are neither the responsibility of the borough council so they are irrelevant to Thursday’s borough election. This is far too easy. I wish I’d got round to asking you a question at full council

He responded with

I suppose I was pointing out how Suffolk rural Tories currently run the services that matter to Ipswich residents. That is the record you have to support. How is living in Woodbridge going?

I responded with

Fine. Talking about potholes, you may have seen those rather large deep Pot Holes at the top of Primrose Hill. They’ve been getting worse and worse over the last year. If I hadn’t have decided to move to Woodbridge and stop being the conservative candidate for gipping ward, they would have been fixed by now. Why aren’t the local labour councillors getting something done to get them fixed?

At which point, he gave up.

The best comment to the tweet by Sandy Martin on Facebook came from Ipswich Conservative group leader Ian Fisher. It was,

Another blabbering post from our erstwhile MP that clearly makes little sense.





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