Ipswich Conservatives On the Rise

Thursday was a good night for the Ipswich Conservatives because even though Labour increased their majority in Holywells by 35 votes, across the rest of the town, Labour majorities fell and Conservative majorities increased. The Labour majority went down by 245 in Saint Johns and the Conservative majority increased by over 200 in Bixley. In Ipswich the Conservatives are on the rise and Labour are on the wane.

Labour conducted a particularly ugly, nasty, abusive campaign this year but over all it gloriously backfired as more of the good,  decent people of Ipswich saw Ipswich Labour for what they are. Ipswich Labour aimed at the man rather than the wicket and got knocked for six. I enjoy seeing Ipswich Labour bowl body line and getting knocked out of the park. One park being Stoke Park.

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