Ipswich Lib/Lab pact against Brexit.

Saint Margeret’s Ward Residents Assocition Ipswich Lib Dem Councillor. Inga Lockington has applied for British citizenship. But  her application for British citizenship has been turned down by the Home Office because she didn’t submit the right paperwork to prove she was a British resident.

Inga had not applied for UK citizenship until now because as an EU citizen she had the right to live here. But though the rights of EU citizens living here is assured after Brexit, she has applied for it. Until two years ago Denmark had laws which said she would lose the citizenship of Denmark if she became a naturalised Briton, so she didn’t apply for UK citizenship out of loyalty to her home country. (There’s nothing wrong with being loyal to your own country.)

The Home Office letter says:

“As you have not provided a document certifying permanent residence or a permanent residence card issued by the Home Office, we cannot be satisfied that you were permanently resident in the United Kingdom no the date of your application for naturalisation and it has been refused.”

Couldn’t she find her marriage certificate?

Apparantly, She was not worried about an imminent threat of deportation, but did want to get her UK status settled before Brexit comes into force next year. Which is interesting as we have been informed that she has been telling people in St Margaret’s Ward that Brexit must be stopped or she will be deported.

Liz Harsant was officilly on the leave side and she made a statement which makes the story even more surreal.

She said,

“Whatever is the Home Office thinking of?  No one has contributed more to Ipswich life than Inga

You what? No one has contributed more to Ipswich life than Inga?  I can think of at least half a dozen  people who have.

Sir bobby

The Person who contributed to Ipswich more than any other with Inga Lockington

In response to the story, Ipswich’s non entity of an MP, Alexander said

This is bonkers….I will see if I can raise this in an emergency question at PMQs

So fellow EU lover Sandy Martin, is going to use this as a Lib/Lab Brexit bashing exercise. Alexander spoke at the East Suffolk Lib Dems Suffolk EU Alliance rally in Ipswich.

As Alexander is against Brexit we can surmise that the whole of Ipswich Labour is against Brexit because amongst the comrades of Ipswich Labour, what Big Sandy says is the law. For instance, Ipswich Labour are against the Upper Orwell crossing even though it has been part of the Borough infrastructure plan for years. One signatory to the  plan including the Upper Orwell Crossing is David Ellesmere, but Big Sandy has spoken. So as Big Sandy wants Britian to remain in the EU, the whole of Ipswich Labour want Britian to remain too.

The national Labour party’s policy on Brexit seems confusing because they are against Brexit but are pretending to be for it to avoid upsetting their  traditionl core vote. More evidence of Labour being against Brexit is demonstrated by Suffolk Coastal Labour advertising East Suffolk Lib Dem Suffolk EU Alliance events on their website like here.

The Lib Dems and Labour represent the elite and support an agenda contary to the will of the people. They endevour to rule over the people in support of themselves and their elitist agenda. They are the Nicolations of Britian today. Only the Conservatives are in touch with the people and  want to govern for the people in accordance with the people’s aspirations. The Conservatives want to deliver what the people of this country want and the people want pure, unadultarated, Hard Brexit. A vote for anybody but the Conservatives is a vote for slavery to the EU.


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2 Responses to Ipswich Lib/Lab pact against Brexit.

  1. George Freeman says:

    I am not familiar with anything that Mrs Lockington has done greater for Ipswich than anyone else. Ben Gummer is in the number one position for improving and transforming Ipswich, and we will still be enjoying his legacy long after Big Sandy has ceased to be in his current role.
    This story about her citizenship status appears to be part of Soros’ attempt to suggest to the British people that the 2016 referendum was nothing to do with leaving the EU.
    Mark Carney has appeared again for Project Fear Version 3 with a brand new set of prophecies of doom.
    Why can’t these anti-Brexit people realise that they lost the referendum? Why are they so obsessed that they think that the United Kingdom is unable to stand up and be an independent and sovereign country, but has to be dictated to by the unelected Brussels establishment?
    All the remoaners should just give up and do something more interesting and worthy, like painting a fence or doing some gardening work for some senior citizens that they know !

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