Suffolk Place Name Pronunciation

It’s not just BBC Look Norwich that pronounce Suffolk place names wrong. James Hazel has just done it on Radio Suffolk. He pronounced Thwaite wrong. As he’s from Norfolk, we’ll excuse his ignorance.

Maybe news reporters will find this list of pronuncitaion useful.

Thwaite (Twait)
Sproughton (Sprawton)
Chelmondiston (Chelmer Diston) (Chelmow)
Eyke (Ike)
Grundisburgh (Grunds borough)
Burgh (Berg)
Capel (Cape All)
Barham (Bear em)
Leiston (Lays Ton)
Aldeburgh (Old Borough)
Great Bricet (Great Bry Sett)

Then there are those with an added ‘E’ because Dutch cartographers got paid more for each letter and so added some an ‘e’.
Hemmingstone (Hemmingston) Drinkstone (Drinkston) Edwardstone (Edwardston) Wolverstone (Wolverston) Tattingstone (Tattingston)

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