Getting Lost in Suffolk

It’s easy to get lost in Suffolk. This is because you can go to a place where you would presume somewhere to be and find it is not there. The classic one is going to Aldeburgh for the Aldeburgh Music Festival and finding out that it is held at Snape Maltings which is in Tunstall. The nearest train station to Snape Maltings which is in Tunstall, is Wickham Market Station which is in Campsea Ashe. But then when there was a Claydon Station, it was in Great Blakenham as Claydon Chimney was in Great Blakenham. The same as Claydon Business Park is in Great Blakenham. To get to Wickham Market Station, which is in Campsea Ashe from Snape Maltings which is in Tunstall,  you have to go past Blaxhall Heath which is in Tunstall.

Also, if you are into the non sport, complete waste of farmland and good walk ruined that is golf, perhaps you’d like to stay at the Ufford Park Hotel which is in Melton. But then you could go to  Stowmarket Golf Club which is in Great Finborough, or Woodbridge Golf Club which is in Bromswell. But then Woodbridge Rugby Club is also in Bromeswell, Stowmarket Rugby Club is in Onehouse as the Stow Lodge Centre is also in Onehouse and Woodbridge Football Club is in Martlesham.

You could go to Kersey to see a solicitor or go to Sproughton to buy some garden machinery but you would be lost because Kersey Soliciters and Sproughton Garden Machinary are both in Ipswich. If you want to go to church in Ipswich, Whitton Baptist  Church is in Castle Hill and Castle Hill United Reformed Church is in Whitton as Castle Hill School is in Whitton. Of course, some of the parents would say that they live in Henley rise which is also in Whitton as Thurleston School is also in Whitton and quite a way from where the lost village of Thurleston was.

Then there’s the Port of Felixstowe, non of which is in Felixstowe. It’s all in Walton and Trimley. So as Ipswich is an ancient port, Felixstowe is still an ancient fishing village.

Finding a pub in Suffolk can be difficult. For instance, the Henley Cross Keys was in Hemmingstone. Then there’s the two pubs in Combs Ford which is in Stowmarket rather than Combs.

Confuddling hint ut?


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4 Responses to Getting Lost in Suffolk

  1. Jack R says:

    And if you live in Newmarket you have a CB post code ! Even more confusing, especially for people from Cambridgeshire who might like to claim the racing town for themselves. Hands off -it belongs to Suffolk !

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