The Deep one (Place name etymolgy is cool.)

Know where you’re going but not where you came
Somewhere around the town that bears your name,
From the Hundred of Threadling you do run
From there you will go, you are the Deep One.

Then into Loes through the gravely Place
Through the steep home, start to gather pace,
And then past the promentary you do run
Continue to flow, you are the Deep One

Ketel’s Hill to the High Prince’s folks home
Past the Eastern home, into Wilford roam,
Past the place that the Romans had begun
Onward you do go, you are the Deep One.

In the Vale of the King who left his hoard
From the Little Shore, to Wuffinga’s Ford,
The stream where broom grows onward you do run
Carry on to flow, you are the Deep One.

Past the buriel mound upon the ridge
To the place of the cross onto the bridge.
To the kings town you are starting to Stun
Carry on roaming, you are the Deep One.

Past the followers of the high and strong
Your journey is ending now, it won’t be long,
Between Carlford and Wilford you do run
Continuing your journey, the Deep One

Between Wilford and Colneis you do go
Past the clearing for boats, onward flow,
Past the place of the Scots, it’s nearly done
On your journey you go, You’re the Deep One.

Past the boat’s clearing and where Heathen met
Past the place with the Church your course is set,
I’ve, followed your journey, it has been fun
For you have inspired me, Deep One.

To the island marsh’s quey you do go
To the saint’s holy place, onward you flow
From here, into the sea you now run
You are Deben, þá Déop ain, the Deep One

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