Sam Murray solves Issue in Ravenswood

A few months back a car was abandoned in Ravenswood and set alight. After two weeks of it sitting there Sam Murray called the council, then the police, then the council then everyone she could think of to make the area safe for the children who use the community play bus. It took a Hollywells Conservative councillor to step up and deal with this. Unfortunately for months the debris was left all over the place.


This was until yesterday where Conservative activist and legend of the South East Ipswich community, Sam Murray amd a friend decided enough is enough and to clear it up themselves.

After this, Sam Murray put the rubbish in the boot and took it to the South East Area Committee and asked the Labour councillors to take ownership of it. Interesting what impact a boot full of burnt car can make on a meeting. Apparently Sam bringing the rubbish to the Labour Councillors directly and asking them to take ownership is what it takes. She was told that She’ll be getting a call today to arrange someone from hazardous waste to collect this. However this ‘hazardous’ waste wasn’t an issue when it was all over the ground where children play.

So Sam Murray should be getting a call today to arrange someone from hazardous waste to collect it. But then, with Ipswich Labour, tommorrow could mean in six years time. Unfortunately there is no video of the meeting, but no doubt, the sight of bits of burnt car probably had the local Labour councillors looking even more gormless than they normally look.

Apparently, one Labour Councillor was very confused. It took a while to have it explained to him that the car was gone and bits of it were left at the site.

Update: At 9:30 today, they went to the site where the burnt out car was to remove the debris instead of to Sam Murray’s house to take it from her boot. Bizarrely the prats must have thought she was going to fly tip it back there.

Update 2: The debris has now been collected.

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