Majestic Orwell (Place name etymolgy is cool.)

On maps of earlier times you’re Arewan
From near Gydda’s people and the good home,
From deepest Thedwastre is where you ran
From that vale to the pitchers nook, you roam.
‘Tween the lonely house and Woodpecker Hill
From where the Vikings went you roam on still.

From there you went on to the ridges ford
Where you joined that one and took on his name,
Then from that place of trade you go onward
Onward through remnants of commercial fame.
Past Crætas people in the vale’s shade here
Then to where the needy are in Bosmere.

You then go past the place upon the bend
Between an enclosure of shiny white,
And the Clay Hill and onward you will go
To the ford where broom grows and copralite.
Ship with out a crew, elm that never grew
Angel never flew, the cock never crew.

Then into Samford to the place of Sprow
Then you go into the gap where there’s a port,
Your name is restored around about now
As you then enter the protected ford.
Celts called you Ore and Saxons called you Well
You are the majestic River Orwell.

Past the place with the Wharfe, the view does bless
Then onward on your journey past Alnesbourne,
Then you go between Samford and Colneis
On past the tower of the Fresian’s home.
Past the venerable wolf’s home you have charm
As you journey on past Hnacki’s farm.

Then between Ceolmund’s and Leofa’s homes
Stratton and the secondary settlement,
Getting close to the end of your long roam
Moving on ascthetically elegant.
By the pigeons clearing and by Kirkton
Past Trimma’s clearing and Kalweton

It is here you are joined by the strong one
Past the army camp and holy place,
By the harbour by Langer and Alston
You have finished your journey full of grace.
Celts called you Ore and Saxons called you Well
You are the majestic River Orwell.

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